The Satellite – Poster Series

The talent buyer at Satellite was looking for an artist to do all posters for shows that didn’t already have posters so she selected me. I worked with them for just about a year.

For a lot of the posters I had to incorporate some element from the band’s media team but for a few they let me go wild and trust me, I did not mind.

See the whole series below.

Sharon Van Etten – It was requested that I use this black and white image. I thought it was lacking so I recolored it in photoshop and added some other elements in Illustrator

Gotye – another one where they gave me a black and white image so I recolored in photoshop and added the text in illustrator

La Sera – One of my favorite bands btw! For this one there were no guidelines – “just go wild”

Bonaparte & Voxhaul Broadcast – very strict guidelines on this one. I basically just added the type in illustrator and did a little bit of color work with the picture in photoshop.

Strawberry Alarm Clock! Whaaaat – I never thought in a million years I’d design a poster for Strawberry Alarm Clock – this is another one where I was told to go wild.