Lexus – Many Becomes Him

My friends at Cap Gun Collective have once again requested my expertise in design; this time for window signage graphics. They’ve tasked me with designing a decal that will go on a window in the background of a shot on the new Lexus CT commercial. They wanted the “restaurant” (really a mostly unused street in downtown Los Angeles) to look like a hip new place in a trendy neighborhood – as you can see from the end result, they did a pretty good job.

The title they gave me is “Sol y Mar” (sun and ocean) and they wanted a few different options. Here are the options as well as the final product below (golden window decal).


The original concepts

SolYMar_Design_V1 SolYMar_Design_V2 SolYMar_Design_V3

They ended up going with the cleanest one (the bottom one) but they wanted to see how it would look so I was also tasked with creating a lifelike mock-up.

The mock-ups

SolYMar_windowMU_V2 SolYMar_windowMU_V3 SolYMar_windowMU_V1

Here’s a picture I took on set


and the final commercial